Vaccinations and Health

Your puppy will come to you with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings completed. 

We will provide you with a vaccination schedule, as well as flea, tick and heartworm information!

We're passionate about taking the best care of our pets as we can, and strive to use natural solutions, whenever possible, and to follow Dr. Jean Dobb's vaccination schedule. Her schedule uses blood titers (fancy way of saying blood levels) to determine when your pet actually NEEDS another vaccination, opposed to over vaccinating blindly. This can greatly protect the pet's immune system, and be WAY safer for them!  All of this is often taken on a case by case situation, and we're happy to help figure out the best plan for you and your family!  

If the natural road isn't right for you or your situation, we strongly recommend only using Revolution. The FDA has recently released findings showing the dangerous outcomes of using topical and oral flea/tick/heartworm medicines, and Revolution is the safest. 

Dr. Karen Becker, DMV (an authority on the subject) recommends if possible using Revolution every other month, because the product is actually designed to last that long. She also recommends detoxing your pet if you are using it, or any other flea/tick/heartworm medicine that's not natural. She recommends a pet milk thistle product to do so.